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The health-related quality of life (HRQoL) instrument

This website provides information of the 15D, its properties and usage.

The 15D is a generic, comprehensive (15-dimensional), self-administered instrument for measuring HRQoL among adults (age 16+ years). It combines the advantages of a profile and a preference-based, single index measure. A set of utility or preference weights is used to generate the 15D score (single index number) on a 0-1 scale. In most of the important properties the 15D compares favourably with other preference-based generic instruments.

Based on the 15D, a version has also been developed for adolescents aged 12-15 years (16D, is also used up to the age of 18) and for children aged 8-11 (17D, with parent-administration even younger).

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Electronic versions

BCB Medical Ltd offers tools for collecting 15D data, calculating scores and dimension level values on a 0-1 scale, drawing graphical profiles and making comparisons to age- and gender-standardised general population. For further info contact support@bcbmedical.com / +358 (0)207 299834.

Checkware AS offers 15D/16D/17D instruments with web-based administration, scoring service and reporting. For further info contact hanne.maridal@checkware.com / +47 971 66 688

Solutos Oy offers 15D/16D/17D instruments as part of their family centric planning system. For futher info contact kalle.horjamo@solutos.fi / +358 40 569 2840

StellarQ Oy offers 15D integrated in their treatment follow-up system for MS disease. For further info contact markku.aittokallio@stellarq.fi / +358 40 5363852

News on the minimum important change/difference in the 15D score

In a recent article (Qual Life Res) it was estimated that the minimum important change/difference in the 15D score is 0.015. For more details, see "Properties of the valuation system" and http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25145637.